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    Air Filter

    S.O.S Filtration, Pleated air filters provide a larger surface area of media compared to the filter size, which provides a low-pressure drop and a greater area to catch dust driving low energy use over the service life.

    Pleats of MERV 8 to 13 are available to protect equipment and building occupants. Self-supporting NovaPleats have a low environmental impact because of their metal-free design and our EnduroPleats are the best fit for the most demanding of environments. With those variations and more available, Dafco Filtration Group has the right pleat for your need.


    Indoor Air Quality

    Removing harmful and unpleasant contaminants from the air with solutions that have been designed for the needs of commercial and residential spaces. Go beyond traditional particulate filtration that captures particulates like dust and pollen with a solution that also eliminates odors, pollution, and aerosols carrying viruses, bacteria, and mold.

    We are promoting S.O.S. FILTRATION Products in West Ontario.
    S.O.S. Filtration Inc is a Canadian company with worldwide recognition. It is a training-based company with technical craftsmanship and innovative strength. The competence of S.O.S Filtration teams is based on more than Fifty years of experience in filtration.

    Fast delivery and high-quality filtration products in both liquid and air applications are their value proposition to their customers.